Filter Form

Edit Filter

This form will appear after clicking the within the search bar, or the within the filters menu

Edit filter
Bugs 26/30
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  • Name Shows your previously chosen name for your filter, of which you can amend.
    You will be shown an error if you already have a global/repo filter with the same name.
  • Query Shows the saved query, you can amend if you wish.
    You'll be shown an error if a global/repo filter already is using the same query.
  • Scope
    • Global means this filter will appear on all repos and on the global pages.
    • This repo means this filter will only appear on this repo.
  • Actions
    • Click to close the menu without saving changes.
    • Click
      to delete your filter.
    • Click
      to reset any changes back to the saved version of your filter (keeps the menu open).
    • Click
      to save changes.