Import Filters


Via Filters Menu

  1. Open the Filters Menu.
  2. Click the Import filters link.
Search saved filters...
Bugsis:open label:bug
Saved Global Filters2
High bugs is:open label:bug label:highMy closed items this month assignee:@me closed:>2022-05-01 closed:<2022-06-01
Saved Repo Filters3
My Chores is:open label:chores assignee:@me Enhancements is:open label:enhancement Opened this week is:issue is:open created:>2022-05-16
Default Filters
Everything assigned to you is:open assignee:@me Everything mentioning you is:open mentions:@me Open issues and pull requests is:open
  1. You will need a Gist to import from.
    • Either, you can paste a Gist URL or ID into the box provided...
    • ...or you can select one of the previously entered Gists.
  2. Once verified and fetched, the modal will now be populated with filters for you to import.
  3. You will find they're grouped into the following sections:
    ReposGlobal Pages
    This RepoSpecific repos *
    Other Repos* All repo filters grouped together
    Already SavedAlready Saved

You will not be able to change the scope via toggle when importing on Global pages. This is because all imported filters via these pages will be globally scoped.

You can freely import filters with either Global or Repo scope via repo pages.

  1. If there are a lot of filters to sift through, you can use the search input to find the filters you're looking for or interested in.
    This search matches on name and query.
  2. You can amend names for all filters that are not under Already Saved.

    You will be shown errors for filter names that clash with ones you already have saved. In order to import them, you must rename the filter before selecting it for import.

  3. Once you're satisfied with your selections and amendments, click the
    Import Filters
    to finish the process.
  4. Now, your imported filters will appear in the Filters Menu.