Dark/Light mode

You will be able to toggle dark/light mode via the icons in the top right corner.



  • A list of changes as and when they happen.
  • Colour coded and grouped by type of change and release number.
  • Attention to breaking changes will be highlighted when needed.

Advanced Options

You're able to configure various things that enable features such as:

  • enterprise support
  • backing up your filters to a Gist you own
  • ...and anything else that's a bit more "under the hood"

Premium Features

You will be able to enable premium features, in the future.

Beta Features

Where you can read about, enable and disable beta features.


A link that takes you to a dedicated Github projectopen in new window, which I will use as a roadmap.

  • Shows the status of various things being worked on or considered to be worked on.
  • You can still raise feedback, ideas and bugs via Github Discussionsopen in new window.
  • If agreed to work on, selected topics will be added from Discussions to the Roadmap.