Filters Menu


All of the filters you create will appear within this menu. Only filters matching the current page will appear for each page; is:issue will not show for Pulls pages, is:pr will not show for Issues pages.

  • When hovering or focusing any filter in the menu, you will also have access to:
    • Delete the filter
    • Edit the filter
    • Pin/Unpin the filter
  • Click the filter in order to apply it and thus return results applicable to it.

Pinned Filters

Access your most frequently used filters.

  • You may pin up to 3 filters, per repo and per global page (Issues, Pulls).
  • You can pin any of the Global, Repo or Default filters.
  • In order to pin/unpin a filter, hover over the filter and click the .

Saved Global Filters

Your global filters.

  • These filters will appear on every repo you visit and on Issues and Pulls global pages.
  • Filters here have the Global scope.

Saved Repo Filters

Your repo filters.

  • These filters will appear only within the repo you created them for.
  • Filters here have the Repo scope.

Default Filters

Github's default filters.

  • These are filter that Github provide by default.
  • Some useful filters from global pages may appear within Repos, to improve UX and ensure there are no clashes between your personal filters and Github's own filters.
  • You won't be able to change the name nor query of these filters.
Search saved filters...
Bugsis:open label:bug
Saved Global Filters2
High bugs is:open label:bug label:highMy closed items this month assignee:@me closed:>2022-05-01 closed:<2022-06-01
Saved Repo Filters3
My Chores is:open label:chores assignee:@me Enhancements is:open label:enhancement Opened this week is:issue is:open created:>2022-05-16
Default Filters
Everything assigned to you is:open assignee:@me Everything mentioning you is:open mentions:@me Open issues and pull requests is:open