Apply a Filter

Via Filters Menu

  1. Open the Filters Menu.
  2. Click on any filter you have saved.
  3. The Search Bar will now show a tag with the filter's name you selected, e.g.: Enhancements. Your results will now be those matching the query of your selected filter.
Search saved filters...
Bugsis:open label:bug
Saved Global Filters2
High bugs is:open label:bug label:highMy closed items this month assignee:@me closed:>2022-05-01 closed:<2022-06-01
Saved Repo Filters3
My Chores is:open label:chores assignee:@me Enhancements is:open label:enhancement Opened this week is:issue is:open created:>2022-05-16
Default Filters
Everything assigned to you is:open assignee:@me Everything mentioning you is:open mentions:@me Open issues and pull requests is:open